Traffic Volume Data

Traffic volume data for various segments of the provincial highway network (King’s, Secondary, Tertiary Roads, and 7000 Series Highways) are provided below.

On highways that overlap one another (e.g. Highways 35 and 115) the volume information is referenced to the lower number highway. When an overlap occurs between a freeway and non freeway, reference is made to the freeway route number. The freeways are Highway 400 to Highway 427 and the QEW (Queen Elizabeth Way). Some highway routes which have not yet been assigned an official highway number, are included under the title Selected 7000 Series Highways.

Select a link below to download traffic volume (AADT, SADT, SAWDT, WADT) and accident rate (AR) data for 1988 to 2016, in PDF or CSV format.

Select a link below to download traffic volume (AADT) data for 2016, in PDF format.

Select a link below to access further information about traffic volume metadata.


Select the link below to access traffic volume (AADT) Data on Demand for 2016.


Site or time specific information not contained herein may be obtained from the MTO's Regional Traffic Sections, located in London, Toronto, Kingston, North Bay and Thunder Bay. Contact MTO INFO at 1-800-268-4686 for the appropriate regional phone number.

Highway 407 ETR is maintained by 407 ETR Concession Company Ltd. and is not contained herein. For information contact the 407 ETR at 1-888-407-0407.

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