How to Guide


  • Control results by selecting “Current” or “Archived”, then narrow the results by entering a complete or partial word, a number, or a phrase in the search box, and selecting “All Columns” or a specific column from the pull-down menu. Please note the "All Columns" does not include the Date column. The Date column can only be searched by selecting it from the pull-down menu. 

  • Sort results by clicking on the column headings.  Click once for ascending order which will be denoted by (▲), twice for descending (▼), and a third time to deselect the column.  When more than one heading is selected, the columns selection order will be denoted by a number beside the column heading.

  • Search the contents of a complete manual by downloading the “Complete Manual” PDFs.

  • Find out when and why a document was revised by performing a search of the applicable “All Revision Sheets” pdf files. 

  • Control whether to view, download, or save documents, by adjusting your browser settings.  For example, in Google, go to Settings/Advanced/Downloads or click on the little arrow beside a file as it’s downloading to tell it how to handle downloads in the future.

  • Print all documents associated with a revision by downloading “Revision Package” PDF files.  These are formatted for double sided printing and are your best choice for keeping hardcopy binders up to date.

  • If all else fails and you cannot find what you need, please contact and I will be happy to assist you.

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