The new Technical Publications website was created in response to the decommissioning of the old site which was built over a decade ago for the housing and distribution of a select group of documents. As a result of the positive response to the new site and as part of a larger initiative to streamline our documentation system, additional documents will be migrated to this site from other locations. When the migration is completed, each document will be housed and published in only one location, there will be fewer locations, and each site will clearly house a specific type/body of documentation. For example, this site will house documents that are used for the design, construction, and maintenance of the ministry’s transportation facilities (i.e., specifications, special provisions, manuals, guidelines, directives, forms, etc.), the MTO On-Line Library will house the broader collection of documents (i.e., reports, studies, research papers, etc.), RAQS will house tender documents, and ministry intranet sites will house documents that are applicable only to internal ministry staff.


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Ontario Provincial Standards

Contract Design, Estimating & Documentation (CDED)

MTO Special Provisions



MTO Drawings

Structural Standard Drawings (SSD)

Designated Sources for Materials



Project Management Best Practices

Construction, Qualification, & Materials

Environmental Standards & Practices



Traffic Volumes

Directives and Memos

Technical Manuals and Reference Materials

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