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This section contains key documents that are used for the design, construction, and maintenance of the ministry’s transportation facilities.  Please note that all documents have been migrated from the MTO Project Management Best Practices (PMBP) website which has now been decommissioned and taken offline. The status (Current or Archived) of all MTO Technical Documents has been reviewed except for Directives.

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DirectivesAdmin FinanceCorridor & PropertyAFI-B-067Relocation of Utilities - Ontario HydroNov 1986
DirectivesAdmin FinanceElectricalAFI-B-078Relocation of Municipal Electrical PlantOct 1987
DirectivesAdmin GeneralHighway DesignAGE-A-001Entrances Onto Provincial Highways (Cancels CIRC-70-95)Dec 1978
DirectivesAdmin GeneralCorridor & PropertyAGE-A-002Corridor Advisory Committee (Cancels CIRC-71-02 and 73-50)Apr 1979
DirectivesAdmin GeneralOtherAGE-A-005Resources Planning Committee Roles and MandateJul 1979
DirectivesAdmin GeneralCorridor & PropertyAGE-A-011Property Branch Organization ChangesDec 1980
DirectivesAdmin GeneralOtherAGE-A-023Official Travel Outside of CanadaNov 1983
DirectivesAdmin GeneralOtherAGE-A-027Ministry Policy on Privatization and Guidelines for ImplementationApr 1984
DirectivesAdmin GeneralMaintenanceAGE-A-033Maintenance Branch Organizational ChangesAug 1984
DirectivesAdmin GeneralMaintenance & OperationsAGE-B-002Establishment of the Operations CommitteeJun 1978
DirectivesAdmin GeneralHighway DesignAGE-B-003Northern and Northwestern Region Boundary ChangesAug 1978
DirectivesAdmin GeneralOtherAGE-B-006Pre-Qualification of Technical StaffMay 1989
DirectivesAdmin GeneralEnvironmentalAGE-B-008Environmental Office Organizational ChangesMar 1979
DirectivesAdmin GeneralOtherAGE-B-009Decentralization of Enforcement of Parts I, II, III, V and VII of the Highway Traffic Act, R.S.O. 1970Jul 1979
DirectivesAdmin GeneralHighway DesignAGE-B-010RECAP Recommendation 17:1 - Role of Engineering Audit and Responsibility of Managers in Respondinig to Audit ReportsJul 1979
DirectivesAdmin GeneralHighway DesignAGE-B-011Development Program for New Graduate Engineers Assigned to a Region (Cancels OD-75-80)Jul 1979
DirectivesAdmin GeneralHighway DesignAGE-B-012Apprentice Tradesman (Cancels OD-76-20)Oct 1979
DirectivesAdmin GeneralOtherAGE-B-013Decentralization of Driver Examination in Part III of the Highway Traffic Act, R.S.O. 1970Dec 1979
DirectivesAdmin GeneralOtherAGE-B-015Decentralization of Enforcement of the Vehicle Inspection ProgramJan 1980
DirectivesAdmin GeneralOtherAGE-B-016Decentralization of Approval and Issue of Oversize/Overweight PermitsFeb 1980
DirectivesAdmin GeneralOtherAGE-B-019Driver Testing, Training and Motivation Programs for Ministry EmployeesMar 1980
DirectivesAdmin GeneralConstructionAGE-B-020Processing of Progress Payment CertificatesAug 1980
DirectivesAdmin GeneralGeomaticsAGE-B-022Preparation and Distribution of the Ontario Official Road MapSep 1983
DirectivesAdmin GeneralOtherAGE-B-023Damage to MTC PropertyMay 1981
DirectivesAdmin GeneralOtherAGE-B-036Kitchen and Related Facilities in Patrol Buildings, Truck Inspection Stations, and Driver Examination CentresJan 1987
DirectivesAdmin GeneralOtherAGE-B-041French Language Services for ToponymyAug 1989
DirectivesAdmin GeneralOtherAGE-B-042Safe Driving Rodeo Final Competition ExpensesAug 1989
DirectivesAdmin GeneralMaterialsAGE-C-001List of Geotechnical Terms, Symbols, Abbreviations, and UnitsJul 1978
DirectivesAdmin GeneralMaintenanceAGE-C-003Metric Conversion of Fuels and LubricantsDec 1978
DirectivesAdmin PropertyHighway DesignAPR-B-003Fencing Rights-of-Way (Cancels CIRC-73-103)Dec 1978
DirectivesAdmin PropertyCorridor & PropertyAPR-B-004Auctioneering Services - Fees Related to Property SalesOct 1988
DirectivesAdmin PropertyCorridor & PropertyAPR-B-005Establishing Reserve Bids for Public Auction or Tender for Sales of Surplus LandsOct 1979
DirectivesAdmin PropertyCorridor & PropertyAPR-B-006Use of Consultants for the Preparation of Land Use Evaluation ReportsJan 1980
DirectivesAdmin PropertyCorridor & PropertyAPR-B-007Property Appraisal Review Committee (Cancels PHY-B-156)Sep 1988
DirectivesAdmin PropertyCorridor & PropertyAPR-B-009Establishing Reserve Bids for Public Auction or Public Tender Sales of Residential PropertiesMay 1980
DirectivesAdmin PropertyCorridor & PropertyAPR-B-010Property Office and Regional Property Sections - Responsibilities and Procedures (Cancels PHY-B-205)May 1989
DirectivesAdmin PropertyCorridor & PropertyAPR-B-014Administrative Costs Associated With the Loan of Property Staff to Another AgencyFeb 1981
DirectivesAdmin PropertyCorridor & PropertyAPR-B-016Lottery Method of Leasing Residential Properties (Cancels RW-P-77-09)Mar 1981
DirectivesAdmin PropertyCorridor & PropertyAPR-B-017Property Purchases Involving Municipal Subsidy Programs (Cancels RWOP-73-24)Jun 1981
DirectivesAdmin PropertyCorridor & PropertyAPR-B-018Requests for Oil and Gas Exploration Rights on Ministry LandsJun 1981
DirectivesAdmin PropertyCorridor & PropertyAPR-B-021Amendment to Registry Act - Title Search Period Not to Exceed 40 YearsSep 1981
DirectivesAdmin SafetyMaintenanceASA-B-001Use of Explosives by Ministry EmployeesMay 1980
DirectivesAdmin SafetyOtherASA-B-002Hearing Conservation Program (HCP)Sep 1984
DirectivesAdmin SafetyOperationsASA-C-001Cancellation of Operations Division Memos (Cancels OB-64-65, 64-76, 64-116, 65-20, 65-47, 65-66, 66-14, 66-40, 67-29, 68-18, 68-32, 69-08, and OD-74-22, 74-72, 75-78, and 76-96)Aug 1978
DirectivesAdmin SafetyOtherASA-C-002Lead Contamination Medical Surveillance ProgrammeAug 1982
DirectivesAdmin SafetyMaintenanceASA-C-007Safety Practices for Spraying and Handling of PesticidesMar 1980
DirectivesAdmin SafetyOtherASA-C-022Reversing Vehicles (Also Issued ad PHY-C-078)Aug 1990
DirectivesAdmin ServicesGeomaticsASE-B-008Instrument Evaluation Committee (Cancels SSBr-78-01)Jun 1981
DirectivesAdmin SupplyElectricalASU-B-007Design and Supply of Highway Lighting Luminaires (Also Issued as PHY-B-093)Feb 1980
DirectivesAdmin SupplyGeomaticsASU-B-008Distribution and Sale of County and/or Regional Municipality Whiteprint MapsApr 1980
DirectivesAdmin SupplyOtherASU-C-007Ministry Stationery SupplyFeb 1980
DirectivesCircularsOperationsCIRC-64-102Bridge Maintenance (Cancels CIRC-60-35)Nov 1964
DirectivesCircularsOtherCIRC-68-098Christmas Trees in Ontario Government Buildings (Cancels CIRC-65-87)Oct 1968
DirectivesCircularsCorridor & PropertyCIRC-69-045Cattle Passes Under HighwaysApr 1969
DirectivesCircularsOperationsCIRC-69-075Processing of Payment Certificates for Special Services Section Contracts (Cancels CIRC-69-68)Jun 1969
DirectivesCircularsOperationsCIRC-69-084Pits and Quarries on Crown Lands (Cancels CIRC-66-81)Jul 1969
DirectivesCircularsHighway DesignCIRC-69-107Obtaining Approval of Municipal Bridge Plans Involving Navigable Waters (Cancels CIRC-66-111 and 66-115)Sep 1969
DirectivesCircularsHighway DesignCIRC-70-006Pre-Engineering of Minor Roads (Cancels CIRC-64-035)Jan 1970
DirectivesMuni Transp RoadsOtherMTR-A-001Ministry Policy and Administrative Approvals for Purchases by Municipalities for Road Improvement and Maintenance ActivitiesDec 1984
DirectivesMuni Transp RoadsOtherMTR-A-003Municipal Transportation Studies - Cost Sharing and Subsidy (Also Issued as MTT-A-002 and PHY-A-010)Oct 1984
DirectivesMuni Transp RoadsOtherMTR-A-005Development Road CriteriaDec 1985
DirectivesMuni Transp RoadsTrafficMTR-B-001Traffic Control Signals and Systems - Subsidy EligibilityNov 1985
DirectivesMuni Transp RoadsOtherMTR-B-002Municipal Roads Subsidy - Purchasing Policy - Canadian PreferenceJan 1979
DirectivesMuni Transp RoadsOtherMTR-B-004Local Roads Boards Act Notice of MeetingsJan 1979
DirectivesMuni Transp RoadsOtherMTR-B-005Overhead Surcharges on Inter-Municipal BillingsApr 1979
DirectivesMuni Transp RoadsOtherMTR-B-006Assistance for Work on Roads in Territory Without Municipal OrganizationApr 1984
DirectivesMuni Transp RoadsOtherMTR-B-007Fuel Tax Rebates for Municipal ContractsJul 1981
DirectivesMuni Transp RoadsOtherMTR-B-008Fair Wage Policy Application to Municipal ContractsSep 1984
DirectivesMuni Transp RoadsOtherMTR-B-010Subsidy for Municipal Pavement Evaluation StudiesMay 1980
DirectivesMuni Transp RoadsHighway DesignMTR-B-011Subsidy for Noise Barriers on Municipal RoadsJun 1988
DirectivesMuni Transp RoadsOtherMTR-B-012Subsidy Eligibility for Payout of Sick Leave Credits by MunicipalitiesMar 1981
DirectivesMuni Transp RoadsOtherMTR-B-013Municipal Subsidy for Interlocking Paving StoneJan 1981
DirectivesMuni Transp RoadsOtherMTR-B-014Subdivision Policy for Unincorporated AreasOct 1981
DirectivesMuni Transp RoadsOtherMTR-B-016Additional Interim Returns - Municipal RoadsJul 1985
DirectivesMuni Transp RoadsStructuresMTR-B-017Municipal Bridges (Cancels OB-64-99 and OD-72-24)May 1985
DirectivesMuni Transp RoadsOtherMTR-B-018Subsidy for Municipal Expenditures Made on Roads Acting as a Subdivider (Cancels CIRC-72-10)Sep 1982
DirectivesMuni Transp RoadsOtherMTR-B-020Subsidy for Flashing Beacons (Cancels CIRC-71-10)Nov 1982
DirectivesMuni Transp RoadsHighway DesignMTR-B-021Subsidy - Land for Municipal Road PurposesSep 1988
DirectivesMuni Transp RoadsOtherMTR-B-023Subsidy for Costs of Preserving Designated Heritage Bridges Under Municipal JurisdictionSep 1983
DirectivesMuni Transp RoadsOtherMTR-B-024Agreement for Consulting Services for Municipalities (Cancels CIRC-72-116)Jun 1983
DirectivesMuni Transp RoadsOtherMTR-B-025Subsidy for Rounding of Municipal Road Grant PaymentsAug 1983
DirectivesMuni Transp RoadsOtherMTR-B-026Subsidy for Multi-Year Service ContractsDec 1983
DirectivesMuni Transp RoadsOtherMTR-B-027Subsidy - Computer Hardware and SoftwareMar 1987
DirectivesMuni Transp RoadsOtherMTR-B-028MTC Inspection and Verification of Municipal ContractsFeb 1984
DirectivesMuni Transp RoadsOtherMTR-B-029Ontario Neighbourhood Improvement Program (ONIP) Subsidy and Commercial Area Improvement Program (CAIP) SubsidyMay 1984
DirectivesMuni Transp RoadsOtherMTR-B-030King's Highway Connecting Links (Cancels DD-76-03 and DD-74-70)Aug 1984
DirectivesMuni Transp RoadsOtherMTR-B-031Minimum Standards of Roads and Bridges for Acceptance Into a Local Roads Board and Statute Labour BoardSep 1984
DirectivesMuni Transp RoadsOtherMTR-B-033Municipal Roads Needs Studies (Cancels CIRC-75-42)Dec 1984
DirectivesMuni Transp RoadsOtherMTR-B-034Subsidy for Municipal Maintenance Management SystemsDec 1984
DirectivesMuni Transp RoadsOtherMTR-B-035Circulars and Branch Memoranda (Cancels CIRC-62-70, 64-100, 65-92, 66-61, 68-77, 69-120, 70-12, 70-42, 75-57; OB-64-11, 64-24, 64-44, 64-50, 64-77, 64-101, 64-124, 64-133, 65-03, 65-36, 66-22, 66-58, 66-71, 67-10, 67-23, 67-24, 68-36, 70-13, 70-14; and OD-71-18, 71-21, 72-3, 72-10, 72-19, 74-76, 75-42, 76-64)Apr 1985
DirectivesMuni Transp RoadsHighway DesignMTR-B-036Geometric Design Standards for Ontario Municipal Roads and StructuresOct 1985
DirectivesMuni Transp RoadsOtherMTR-B-037Subsidy for Construction of New Roads and Main Thoroughfare DesignationsDec 1984
DirectivesMuni Transp RoadsOtherMTR-B-039Subsidy for Rental of Equipment by MunicipalitiesMay 1985
DirectivesMuni Transp RoadsTenderingMTR-B-040Review and Approval of Accepted Tenders for Connecting Links and Development Roads (Cancels OD-74-70)Feb 1985
DirectivesMuni Transp RoadsOtherMTR-B-042Municipal Pre-Contract Reviews (Cancels OD-74-15)Aug 1985
DirectivesMuni Transp RoadsOtherMTR-B-043Ministry Subsidy of Municipal Payments for Contracts and Purchases Made Over Two or More Years (Cancels MTR-B-019)Aug 1985
DirectivesMuni Transp RoadsOtherMTR-B-044Municipal Pension Plans - Past ServiceNov 1985
DirectivesMuni Transp RoadsTrafficMTR-B-045Traffic Control Devices - Eligible for Subsidy (Cancels CIRC-72-13)Jan 1986
DirectivesMuni Transp RoadsConstructionMTR-B-048Municipal Construction Operations (Cancels OD-73-049 and OD-74-036)May 1986
DirectivesMuni Transp RoadsHighway DesignMTR-B-049Subsidy Policy - Municipal Road Illumination (Cancels PDD-76-008)Oct 1988
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