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This section contains key documents that are used for the design, construction, and maintenance of the ministry’s transportation facilities.  Please note that all documents have been migrated from the MTO Project Management Best Practices (PMBP) website which has now been decommissioned and taken offline. The status (Current or Archived) of all MTO Technical Documents has been reviewed except for Directives.

This tab displays all of the current documents found under the individual tabs.  Please note that many "Current" Directives contain obsolete information but have not yet been formally cancelled, therefore users should contact applicable functional offices for specific direction in regard to their use.

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Item SelectionAvailable ActionsTypeDescriptionDivisionNumberTitleDate
DirectivesConstructionMiscellaneousAGE-B-020Processing of Progress Payment CertificatesAug 1980
DirectivesConstructionMiscellaneousMTR-B-048Municipal Construction Operations (Cancels OD-73-049 and OD-74-036)May 1986
DirectivesConstructionMiscellaneousPHY-B-076Movement of Oversize Road Building Machines by Contractors (Also Issued as TRR-B-001)Feb 1980
DirectivesConstructionMiscellaneousPHY-B-084Approval of Sub-ContractorsApr 1980
DirectivesConstructionMiscellaneousPHY-B-087Contract Final Payment CertificatesJan 1989
DirectivesConstructionMiscellaneousPHY-B-102Damage to Property on Construction ContractsFeb 1984
DirectivesConstructionMiscellaneousPHY-B-103Claims for Compensation for Personal and Business Losses During ConstructionJan 1981
DirectivesConstructionMiscellaneousPHY-B-151Claim Releases on Engineering ContractsAug 1982
DirectivesConstructionMiscellaneousPHY-B-185Final Contract Payment Verification and Field MonitoringMay 1989
DirectivesConstructionMiscellaneousPHY-B-238Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) Designation of ConstructorOct 1989
DirectivesConstructionMiscellaneousPHY-B-240Notice to Contractor Upon Contractor's DefaultDec 1989
DirectivesConstructionMiscellaneousPHY-B-241Guidelines for the Use of the Construction Lien Act, 1983 in the Administration of Construction and Maintenance ContractsJan 1990
DirectivesConstructionMiscellaneousPHY-C-104Revised On-The-Job (OJT) Training Program for Construction StaffApr 1981
DirectivesConstructionMiscellaneousPHY-C-117Modified Construction Marker TC-52 (Cancels ED-78-16)Aug 1981
DirectivesConstructionMiscellaneousPHY-C-119MTC Responsibilities Under the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) for Snowplow and Sand Spreader ContractsOct 1981
DirectivesConstructionMiscellaneousPHY-C-161Canadian Content in Construction ContractsJul 1985
DirectivesConstructionMiscellaneousPTA-B-002The Remote Airport Program (Cancels OD-75-90 and PD-75-02)May 1985
DirectivesConstructionMiscellaneousPTT-A-001Remote Northern Transportation OfficeMay 1985
DirectivesConstructionMiscellaneousQST-B-036Contractor Compliance With the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) on Construction ProjectsNov 1994
DirectivesConstructionMiscellaneousQST-B-039Delegation of Authority (DOA) for Construction and Maintenance Activities (Cancels PHY-B-058)Mar 1995
DirectivesConstructionMiscellaneousTRR-A-001Safety and Regulation Organization ChangesFeb 1980
DirectivesConstructionMiscellaneousTRR-B-001Movement of Oversize Road Building Machines by Contractors (Also Issued as PHY-B-076)Feb 1980
DirectivesCorridor & PropertyMiscellaneousAFI-B-067Relocation of Utilities - Ontario HydroNov 1986
DirectivesCorridor & PropertyMiscellaneousAGE-A-002Corridor Advisory Committee (Cancels CIRC-71-02 and 73-50)Apr 1979
DirectivesCorridor & PropertyMiscellaneousAGE-A-011Property Branch Organization ChangesDec 1980
DirectivesCorridor & PropertyMiscellaneousAPR-B-004Auctioneering Services - Fees Related to Property SalesOct 1988
DirectivesCorridor & PropertyMiscellaneousAPR-B-006Use of Consultants for the Preparation of Land Use Evaluation ReportsJan 1980
DirectivesCorridor & PropertyMiscellaneousAPR-B-007Property Appraisal Review Committee (Cancels PHY-B-156)Sep 1988
DirectivesCorridor & PropertyMiscellaneousAPR-B-010Property Office and Regional Property Sections - Responsibilities and Procedures (Cancels PHY-B-205)May 1989
DirectivesCorridor & PropertyMiscellaneousAPR-B-014Administrative Costs Associated With the Loan of Property Staff to Another AgencyFeb 1981
DirectivesCorridor & PropertyMiscellaneousAPR-B-016Lottery Method of Leasing Residential Properties (Cancels RW-P-77-09)Mar 1981
DirectivesCorridor & PropertyMiscellaneousAPR-B-017Property Purchases Involving Municipal Subsidy Programs (Cancels RWOP-73-24)Jun 1981
DirectivesCorridor & PropertyMiscellaneousAPR-B-018Requests for Oil and Gas Exploration Rights on Ministry LandsJun 1981
DirectivesCorridor & PropertyMiscellaneousAPR-B-021Amendment to Registry Act - Title Search Period Not to Exceed 40 YearsSep 1981
DirectivesCorridor & PropertyMiscellaneousCIRC-69-045Cattle Passes Under HighwaysApr 1969
DirectivesCorridor & PropertyMiscellaneousOPR-B-005Disposal of Surplus Property (Cancels QST-B-023)Sep 2005
DirectivesCorridor & PropertyMiscellaneousOPR-B-006Classification of Property (Cancels PHY-B-200)Sep 2001
DirectivesCorridor & PropertyMiscellaneousOPR-B-007Surplus Property Clearance and Validity PeriodMay 1999
DirectivesCorridor & PropertyMiscellaneousOPR-B-010Property - Mineral Rights/Sub-Surface Rights (Cancels PHY-B-219)Apr 2002
DirectivesCorridor & PropertyMiscellaneousOPR-B-011Asbestos Control - Purchase, Leasing, Projects Including Demolition, Alteration, Repair or Structural Maintenance or Sale of Buildings (Cancels APR-B-027)Aug 2003
DirectivesCorridor & PropertyMiscellaneousOPR-B-012Property - Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy on Property Records/Information (Cancels QST-B-025)Sep 2000
DirectivesCorridor & PropertyMiscellaneousOPR-B-015Disclosure to Canada Customs and Revenue Agency of Confidential Information on Property Settlements (Cancels APR-B-020)Aug 2003
DirectivesCorridor & PropertyMiscellaneousOPR-B-016Release or Protection of Restrictive Covenants for Lands Previously Transferred to Other AuthoritiesJan 2005
DirectivesCorridor & PropertyMiscellaneousPHM-B-018Lands Dedicated for Highway Widening, Commuter Parking Lots, Transit Stations and Visibility Triangles (Cancels OPR-B-004)Sep 2008
DirectivesCorridor & PropertyMiscellaneousPHM-B-019Advance Purchase Criteria for the Acquisition of Future Right-of-Way (Cancels QST-C-008)Sep 2006
DirectivesCorridor & PropertyMiscellaneousPHM-B-020Property Land Sale - Repurchase by Former Owner (Cancels OPR-B-009)Mar 2009
DirectivesCorridor & PropertyMiscellaneousPHY-B-041Installation of Utilities on Special Controlled Access HighwaysJul 1979
DirectivesCorridor & PropertyMiscellaneousPHY-B-088Wrecking Yards Adjacent to King's HighwaysJun 1980
DirectivesCorridor & PropertyMiscellaneousPHY-B-121Movable Messages Adjacent to Provincial HighwaysJul 1981
DirectivesCorridor & PropertyMiscellaneousPHY-B-140Field Advertising Sign Policy for all Classes of Provincial HighwaysApr 1982
DirectivesCorridor & PropertyMiscellaneousPHY-B-143Municipal Encroachment Permit Fee ApplicationMay 1982
DirectivesCorridor & PropertyMiscellaneousPHY-B-157Periodic Review of Regional Appraisal, Negotiation, and Land Management OperationsFeb 1983
DirectivesCorridor & PropertyMiscellaneousPHY-B-158Location of Utilities On MTC Rights-Of-WayMar 1983
DirectivesCorridor & PropertyMiscellaneousPHY-B-166Placing of Banners Across 2-Lane Provincial HighwaysJun 1983
DirectivesCorridor & PropertyMiscellaneousPHY-B-169Cost Sharing Between MTC and Developers for Maintenance and Operating Costs of Traffic Signals and Associated IlluminationJul 1983
DirectivesCorridor & PropertyMiscellaneousPHY-B-179Procedures for Expiry Dates on Gas Pipeline, Coaxial Cable, and Encroachment Permits (Cancels CIRC-77-11 and PHY-B-060)Jul 1984
DirectivesCorridor & PropertyMiscellaneousPHY-B-192Election Signs Adjacent to Provincial HighwaysOct 1985
DirectivesCorridor & PropertyMiscellaneousPHY-B-202Lands Dedicated for Highway Widening and Visibility Triangles (Cancels APR-B-019 and RW-P-76-14)Jan 1987
DirectivesCorridor & PropertyMiscellaneousPHY-B-204Easements Granted by M.T.C. on Lands Other Than Right-of-Way - Payments by Municipalities, Utility Companies, and Railways (Cancels PHY-B-200)Dec 1986
DirectivesCorridor & PropertyMiscellaneousPHY-B-210Control of Survey Markers Within M.T.C. Rights-of-WayJan 1987
DirectivesCorridor & PropertyMiscellaneousPHY-B-211Claims for Damages Related to the "Use of Works" - Where No Land is Taken - Median Barriers, etc. (Cancels APR-B-023)Jul 1987
DirectivesCorridor & PropertyMiscellaneousQST-A-002Property Office Mandate and RolesOct 1994
DirectivesCorridor & PropertyMiscellaneousQST-B-001Procedures for the Assignment of Fee Appraiser's and Property Related Consultant Services (Cancels PHY-B-206)Oct 1991
DirectivesCorridor & PropertyMiscellaneousQST-B-015Property Office Responsibilities and ProceduresOct 1994
DirectivesCorridor & PropertyMiscellaneousQST-B-016Guidelines for Placement of Decorative Municipal Identification Signs On or Off the Highway Right-of-WayAug 1992
DirectivesCorridor & PropertyMiscellaneousQST-B-027French Language Requirements for the Property FunctionSep 1993
DirectivesCorridor & PropertyMiscellaneousQST-B-040Property Arbitrations Proceeding to Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) (Cancels APR-B-022)May 1995
DirectivesCorridor & PropertyMiscellaneousQST-B-042Acquisition, Disposition, and Management of Contaminated PropertyMay 1997
DirectivesCorridor & PropertyMiscellaneousQST-B-043Leasing of Real Property (Cancels PHY-B-171)Mar 1998
DirectivesCorridor & PropertyMiscellaneousQST-B-044Tendering or Obtaining Quotations for Property Repairs and Repositioning (Cancels PHY-B-203)Aug 1996
DirectivesCorridor & PropertyMiscellaneousQST-C-014Guidelines for the Appraisal of Transmission Corridor Lands Owned by Ontario HydroJan 1995
DirectivesDrainageMiscellaneousMTR-B-056Subsidy - Detention Facilities for Storm Water Management (Cancels MTR-B-003 and MTR-C-001)Apr 1988
DirectivesDrainageMiscellaneousPHM-B-013Policy for Piped Drains on the Highway Right-of-Way With Attached Forms 1 to 4 (Also see DCSO-2016-02) (Cancels PHY-B-217)Jan 2015
DirectivesDrainageMiscellaneousPHM-B-014Drainage Management Policy and Practice (Cancels PHY-B-237)Jul 2007
DirectivesDrainageMiscellaneousPHY-C-044Design and Estimating Procedures for Metric CSP Culvert Design Lengths - Revision Sheet (Cancels PHY-C-044)Oct 1990
DirectivesDrainageMiscellaneousPLNG-B-012Drainage Act Policy and Procedures (Cancels PHY-B-063)Mar 2010
DirectivesElectricalMiscellaneousAFI-B-078Relocation of Municipal Electrical PlantOct 1987
DirectivesElectricalMiscellaneousASU-B-007Design and Supply of Highway Lighting Luminaires (Also Issued as PHY-B-093)Feb 1980
DirectivesElectricalMiscellaneousPHY-B-016Patrol Yard IlluminationDec 1978
DirectivesElectricalMiscellaneousPHY-B-027Adoption of High Pressure Sodium (HPS) Luminaires for Highway IlluminationMar 1979
DirectivesElectricalMiscellaneousPHY-B-056Design of Electrical Works by ConsultantsOct 1979
DirectivesElectricalMiscellaneousPHY-B-059Conversion of Existing Roadway Lighting to High Pressure Sodium (HPS) Lighting SourceSep 1981
DirectivesElectricalMiscellaneousPHY-B-062Conversion of Existing Illuminated Overhead Signs to High Pressure Sodium (HPS) LightingNov 1979
DirectivesElectricalMiscellaneousPHY-B-093Design and Supply of Highway Lighting Luminaires (Also Issued as ASU-B-007)Feb 1980
DirectivesElectricalMiscellaneousPHY-B-097Relamping of Highway IlluminationSep 1980
DirectivesElectricalMiscellaneousPHY-B-145Overhead Sign IlluminationJun 1982
DirectivesElectricalMiscellaneousPHY-C-068Installation of Traffic Control Signals and Other Electrical ProjectsDec 1979
DirectivesElectricalMiscellaneousPHY-C-115Approval for Temporary Signals on King's HighwayAug 1981
DirectivesElectricalMiscellaneousPHY-C-124Traffic Signal Control Equipment Repair of Model 170 and 190 MicroprocessorApr 1980
DirectivesElectricalMiscellaneousPHY-C-129Electrical Standard DrawingsJul 1982
DirectivesElectricalMiscellaneousPHY-C-170Electrical Engineering Manual - Introduction of Volumes 1 to 4Jun 1987
DirectivesEnvironmentalMiscellaneousAGE-B-008Environmental Office Organizational ChangesMar 1979
DirectivesEnvironmentalMiscellaneousOPR-C-002Notification to Resident/Owner of Drinking Water Sampling Results for Non-Regulated Private Wells (Cancels QST-B-006)May 2004
DirectivesEnvironmentalMiscellaneousPHY-A-013Environmental Assessment Act Requirements for the Provincial Highways Program (Cancels PHY-B-014, PHY-B-020, PHY-B-049, PHY-B-053, PHY-B-077, PHY-B-089, PHY-B-148, and PHY-B-172)May 1986
DirectivesEnvironmentalMiscellaneousPHY-B-031Designation of Environmental Assessment Categories and Updating of the Environment ListingApr 1979
DirectivesEnvironmentalMiscellaneousPHY-B-032Salt Protection and Stockpiling of Winter SandApr 1979
DirectivesEnvironmentalMiscellaneousPHY-B-047Environmental Effectiveness of Design Measures on Highway Construction ProjectsAug 1979
DirectivesEnvironmentalMiscellaneousPHY-B-061Cost Effective Analysis of Environmental Protective MeasuresNov 1979
DirectivesEnvironmentalMiscellaneousPHY-B-094Noise Assessment and Abatement ProgramJan 1990
DirectivesEnvironmentalMiscellaneousPHY-B-239Storage of Hazardous and Liquid Industrial Wastes at Permanent Ministry FacilitiesJun 1987
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