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CAIS (Construction Administration & Inspection Specifications) manual provides instructions for construction administration and inspection work.

CDED (Contract Design, Estimating & Documentation) manual is the primary source of guidance for the design, estimating and documentation of highway capital projects for MTO.

Construction standard forms (i.e., PH-CC-xx) and documents such as Contractor Performance Ratings, Project Construction reports, etc.

Drainage documents for the preparation of hydrology reports for water crossings, stormwater management requirements for land development proposals, evaluation of drainage management software, etc.

DSM (Designated Sources for Materials) manual is the official list of pre-qualified products and vendors for use on MTO highway capital construction projects. Further information about the registration of vendors and products can also be obtained from the TRA website at

Environmental documents and forms for environmental standards and practices.

Hwy Design documents related to geometric and detail design, roadside safety components, network planning, project management, scoping & risk, design systems, tendering procedures, utilities, value engineering, etc.

Materials documents such as the MTO Lab Manual (i.e., LS-xxx), lists of qualified labs, field guides, etc.

Operations related documents for Corridor & Property, Maintenance, Traffic, Electrical, ATMS, and ITS.

Qualification documents such as contractor registration forms, and construction lien forms for contracts advertised prior to July 1, 2018. Construction lien and statutory bond forms for contracts advertised after July 1, 2018 are located on the Ontario Court Forms website.

Structures documents such as the Structural Manual, Sign Support Manual, Ontario Structure Inspection Manual, etc.


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