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Ontario Provincial Standards

The Ontario Provincial Standards organization produces a comprehensive set of standards for use by infrastructure Owners throughout Ontario. MTO manages the publishing of these standards which are usually updated in April and November. Each Owner determines which standards they will use (if any), and when they will implement and/or cancel them for use, therefore please note that MTO does not always use the most "Current" version of a particular standard therefore users may need to obtain applicable documents from the "Archived Documents" section of Volumes 1 to 6. The standards that are applicable to a particular construction project are listed in the associated Tender Documents, and the specific standards that are applicable for the design of MTO transportation facilities are listed as "Active" in the ministry's Contract Preparation System (CPS). Users without access to CPS can obtain lists of "Active" standards from the CDED Manual located elsewhere on this website. Further information can be obtained from and enquiries can be directed via email to

Select the link below to access and download OPS standards, complete manuals, and associated revision packages.


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