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How to Find What You Need!


The initial design of the new site was kept simple to allow users the opportunity to provide input into its design and functionality.  We are in the process of making changes based on the feedback we have received, particularly for additional search functions and display of individual volumes/categories of information however there are already many ways to find what you need; the fastest route depends on what you know (i.e., a specific number or title, or only a vague idea or keyword) and what you’re looking for (i.e., specific documents, or entire volumes or manuals).  We have received many enquiries for capabilities that are already available but not clearly evident to users, therefore please take a few minutes to review the tips below which will save you valuable time (and aggravation) while we work on adding additional features to the site.


  • Control results by selecting “Published/Current” or “Archived”, then narrow the results by performing a simple or advanced search by entering a complete or partial word, number, or string of words in the search box, then clicking the Search button.
  • Search all columns by selecting “Simple”.  If there is an excessive number of results, they can be narrowed by searching specific columns instead. 
  • Search specific columns by selecting “Advanced”, then choosing a column from the pulldown menu (i.e. “Volume”, “Number” or “Title”).
  • View a specific OPS volume by selecting “Advanced”, then “Volume” from the pulldown menu, then entering a single number or a keyword e.g., “Prov” which will result in Volumes 5 and 6 being displayed.  (Future upgrades to the site will include shortcuts for viewing the individual volumes.)
  • Sort on-screen results by clicking on the column headings.  Click once for ascending order which will be denoted by (▲), twice for descending (▼), and a third time to deselect the column.  When more than one heading is selected, the columns selection order will be denoted by a number.
  • Search the contents of a complete manual by downloading the “Complete Manual” PDFs.
  • Find out when and why a document was revised by performing a search of the applicable “All Revision Sheets” pdf files.  These new files have been added for the OPS documents, and will eventually be added for others such as the CDED, etc.
  • Control whether to view, download, or save documents by adjusting your browser settings.  For example, in Google, go to Settings/Advanced/Downloads or click on the little arrow beside a file as it’s downloading to tell it how to handle downloads in the future.
  • Quickly print all documents associated with a revision by downloading “Revision Package” PDF files.  These are formatted for double sided printing and are your best choice for keeping hardcopy binders up to date.
  • If all else fails and you still cannot quickly and easily find what you need, please contact and I will be happy to assist you.

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