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Title MTO wildlife habitat awareness sign evaluation
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Carruthers, Brenda
Gunson, Kari
Call Number 333/.72/On8w/2017
Publisher St. Catharines, Ontario: Ontario Ministry of Transportation, Policy and Planning
Year 2017
Abstracts In response to a growing number of public requests for small animal crossing signs, the Ministry of Transportation (MTO) Traffic Office in partnership with MTO’s Environmental Policy Office (EPO) developed a policy for use of Wildlife Habitat Awareness (WHA) signs that was finalized in March 2012 (MTO 2012). In light of this new policy and the uncertainties in sign effectiveness a study design was devised that used motorist surveys and traffic speed counters as two methods to evaluate motorist response to WHA signs. Additionally, a third method was used to evaluate whether snake and turtle wildlife road mortality decreased at signed sections
Wildlife conservation.
Wildlife managment--Ontario.
Note Suggested Citation:
Ministry of Transportation. 2017. Wildlife Habitat Awareness (WHA) Sign Evaluation 2013 to 2016. Final report submitted by Eco-Kare International to the Ontario Ministry of Transportation, St. Catharines, Ontario, 68 pages.
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